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Stroke Rehabilitation Through Modified Video Games
High -tech Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing Tool Updated
Latest Enhancements to the Free Access Grid Toolkit Now Available
The Pros and Cons of the Health-IT Bill
Paper Prescriptions Give Way to e-Prescriptions in Northern Ireland
Computerized Patient Used to Teach Science to Medical Students
Chennai Firm Ties up With Israeli co: for Telemedicine
Revamping Of Healthcare System Required To Bring Down Preventable Medical Errors
Free Medical Care for Residents of San Francisco
Sleep Deprived BPO Employees Could Suffer From Premature Ageing
Africa Set to Control Malaria Using Specialized Software
IT for General Practitioners
A boon to the paralyzed -Brain Gate Neural Interface System
Research into Blindness Cure Goes Digital
B C Medical Association Reports on Setting Limits to Waiting Times
Infected health worker possibly infects babies in the hospital
Official Lapse Makes the Patient Wait
NHS Choice Not the Choice of the Public
Bioinformatics Made a Boon In Immune Response Study - LIAI Finds
Plan To Connect Remote Aboriginal Communities Through Broadband
Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene –The Mantra to Prevent Food Poisoning
Importance of Hygiene to Be Emphasized For Health Care Workers
Plan to Grade GPs Received a Lukewarm Response by BMA
New Web- Based Calculator to Assess Heart Disease Risk
NHS Computer Link Plan Is Wasteful, Feel Experts
Sleeping Computers Yield Clues About Genetic Disorders
Plans To Computerise NHS, Costs Thrice
Care UK to Provide Community-Based Health and Social Care Services
Genomatix Licensed By Bayer Healthcare
Internet Searches Fail To Give Useful Information To Cancer Patients

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