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Algorithm-driven Digital Program can Help Lower Patients' Blood Pressure, Cholesterol
Fiber-Optic Sensor Gives Human Sensation
Fabric Robotic Gripper Picks Up Objects
Artificial Intelligence: Magic Boon for Detecting Osteoarthritis Years Before Symptoms Appear
New Device Uses Apple Watch to Address Nighttime Disorder
Using Artificial Intelligence Improves Pregnant Women's Health
AI to Assist Physicians in Detecting Brain Aneurysms
Improved Treatment for Epilepsy, Depression Using Mathematical Brain Modeling
Artificial Intelligence Helps in Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's
Smartwatch App Alerts Deaf, Hard-of-hearing Users to Various Sounds
New Heart-breast Cancer-on-a-chip can Monitor Chemotherapy‐induced Cardiotoxicity
New Algorithm Predicts the Likelihood of Acute Kidney Injury
Artificial Intelligence Smartphone Tool Could Diagnose Strokes Within Minutes
New AI Platform Matches Tumor to Right Drug Combination
Apple Watch Saves Manís Life
New Tool Allows Easy, Effective Disease Tracking
Phone Data Helps Forecast Relapses in Schizophrenia
Robotic Assistance Could Make Colonoscopy Kinder and Easier
Novel Headset Cameras Track Your Facial Expressions and Read Your Lips
Telehealth Trains Parents to Improve Behavior Skills of Autism Kids
Artificial intelligence can Predict Increased Opioid Use Post-surgery
Machine Learning Helps Predict Pediatric Brain Injury
Focal Dystonia Accurately Identified by Artificial Intelligence-Based Deep Learning Platform
Increased Screen Use Affects Diet and Other Health Factors
Artificial Intelligence Helps Predict Loneliness
Google Assistant's New Workday Routine Could Help Make Working from Home Better
Can Playing Video Games As a Child Improve Working Memory Later?
Indian Healthcare Providers are Fastly Adopting AI-Based Tools: IDC
Artificial Intelligence can Predict Osteoarthritis
Public Can Book Their Vaccination Beforehand Through App

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