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App to Help Track Your Health and Fitness on the Anvil
Google Glass Finding Favor With Many Doctors
New Smartphone App can be Used to Grow Marijuana
New Dating App for Lesbians
Benefits of Virtual Computer Environment in Distance Education Demonstrated
3D Printing Technology can Help Paralyzed People Walk Once Again
Tiny Chip can Help Clear Arteries Without Need for Major Surgery
New App can Help Detect Epileptic Seizures
Teledermatology App System Prioritizes Inpatient Consults
Tackle Procrastination With These Apps
Keep in Touch With Friends on Social Media With Ringblingz
Technology may Help Ensure You Have a Good Night's Sleep
Robot With Feelings Developed by Researchers
Manipal University and Xerox Innovation Group to Test Remote-Sensing Healthcare Technologies
City Sends Out Text Messages to Obese Citizens to Motivate Them to Lose Weight
New App can Measure Cellphone Behavior of Smartphone Users
Couples can Now Plan for a Perfect Date Thanks to ‘Delightful’ Dating App
Mums-To-Be can Now Hold Replica of Their Unborn Babies Thanks to 3D Printing
Coming Soon: Device That Allows You to Workout Just About Anywhere
Parent-Controlled Smartphone for Kids to be Introduced Soon
Smartphones can Now Operate Ovens as Well
Surgeons can be Guided by 3D Brain Maps on IPhone
Research Suggests Smartphones can Act as Mentors in Mindfulness
Google Glass Prescription Frames Will Cost $99
Google Glass Provides a ‘Light Bulb Experience’ for a Surgeon During Shoulder Replacement Surgery
Smartphone Accessory That can Read Cholesterol Levels Through Selfies Developed
Mobile Phone Camera can be Used as Mini-Microscope
Biomedical Sensors to Keep Astronauts Fit in Space on the Anvil
GPS-Enabled Leather Wallets to Cut Risk of Theft Launched
App That Cures Arachnophobia With Daily Pictures of Creepy Spiders Developed

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