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Artificial Intelligence Could Better Predict Psychosis, Depression Risk
Robots can Pick Up Any Object After Inspecting It, Say Researchers
Artificial Intelligence Helps Predict the Response to Immunotherapy
Medical Apps Benefit Those on Heart Medication
Virtual Pooch Can Help Prevent Dog Bites
Health Informatics: Smartphone Apps can Come Handy in Matching Medical Records
Use of Robots as Tools and Partners in Medical Rehabilitation
Virtual Reality Technology Helps Amputees Feel Prosthetics as Part of Body
Artificial Intelligence Platform Screens for Acute Neurological Illnesses
Artificial Intelligence: Key to Mood Disorders Diagnosis
Artificial Intelligence can Help Predict Your Personality
Human Doctor’s Gut Feelings Work Better than AI When Ordering Tests for Patients
New AI Technology Could Help Protect Water Supplies
Automated Virtual Reality (VR)-based Psychological Therapy may Help Reduce Fear of Heights
Three Major Failings in Some Apps Used for the Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
Training Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Rare Diseases Using Artificial X-rays
World’s Smallest Computer Revealed
New Algorithm VoxelMorph Speeds Up Processing for Analyzing 3D Medical Images
Artificial Intelligence Helps Radio Journalist Regain Voice
Mobile Health Technology can Improve Overall Heart Disease Risk
Artificial Intelligence (AI) may Help Dementia Patients
Key Step to Understand Links Between Disease, Mutant Genetic Material: bpRNA Tool
Support Unpaid Alzheimer’s Caregivers With the New Facebook App
AI Identifies Gut Bacteria for Cholera Risk
ScreenQ: An Efficient, Valid Means to Assess Screen-based Media Use in Children
3-D Printing Can Revolutionize the Way We Eat
Visit: An Indian AI-Powered Health Chatbot
Mobile App to Promote Car Seat Safety for Children
Smart Health: New App to Track Diabetes in Rural India
AI Transforms Smartphone Microscopes Into Lab-Grade Devices

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