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Robotic Help for the Elderly in Japan
Abused Women Get Assistance Through Web-based Program
Noses Used to Help Disabled Write, Surf, Move
3D Heart Scans Make Invasive Diagnosis Redundant
Software Predicts Bacteria's Strategies
Brain Implants More Efficient Imitating Natural Selection
Eye Tracking Technology-Based Lie Detector Is Here
Hospitals can Aggressively Combat Infections Using Computerized Technology
Nanoparticle-Containing 'Self Medicating' Bandage Can Detect and Treat Infection
Robots Can Remove Thyroid Without Neck Incision
Internet-Based Medicine Info Not the Best Advice to Follow
Heat-induced Death Risk of Kids Locked in Cars Prevented By Novel 'Temperature Table'
Pathology Lab On Wrist, Thanks To Silk Microchips
Home Eye Tests Possible by Indian Origin Scientist's Method
UK Hospitals Will Now Employ Robots
Robotic Rehabilitation Devices Can Help Stroke Patients Recover Movement
Electronic Records To Help IVF Patients
Use Your Cell Phone to Predict Allergy Risk from Food
HCL Enters Healthcare Segment
Asthmatics Find Online Self-management Tool Beneficial
'Magic Eraser' Removes Terminal Brain Tumour
ECG Reports Now Accessible on Your Doc's Blackberry
Scientists Unveil CT Scanner That Views Whole Organs in a Heartbeat
Stress and Mood Levels of Computer Users can be Checked with New Gadget
Smart Homes may Identify Illness
Now, Surfers can Evaluate Web-Based Health Information
Software Solves 400-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
'Nanogenerator' Uses Heartbeats to Power Implant
Cost-effective Computer Programs can Detect Early Eye Problems Related to Diabetes
Bionic Hand Unveiled by British Scientists

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