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IBM Bids to Find Disease Cures Using Computer Grid
Heath-related Products Advertised in Spam
Online Video Game to Help Mentally Troubled Youth
Longer the Use of Mobile Phones Greater the Cancer Risk
Mobile Phones to Be Banned for Kids Below 16 in Karnataka
Isabel, Web-based Diagnostic Support System for Doctors
New Computer Game 'MindFit' may Help to Arrest the Ageing of the Brain
Intel Launches Health Monitoring Programme in Schools
Detector Software to Track Blood Flow may Help in Preventing Brain Damage
Indian Hospital Launches Telemedicine Facility for Rural Areas
Australian whizkid cracks $84 million internet porn filter
Internet a Fertile Medium for HIV Denialists to Spread Misinformation
Computer Game on Infection Throw Insights into Human Mind
Women's Chances of Conceiving Through IVF Increased by Computer Programme
Tetris: A Video Game That Calms the Player
Computers to Combat Infection
Canada, US Far Behind Others in Taking Alerts and Advisories to Doctors
New Computer Software Helps to Spot Family Cancer Risk
A Computer Assisted ENT Surgery in Southern India
Computers to Support Child Safety Programs
Magnetic Resonance CAD Accurately Diagnose Fibrosis in the Liver
New Software for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment Against Prostate Cancer
Be Your Own Doctor
A Miracle Machine That Can Interpret Your Heart Beat
UK Hospital Performs Heart Surgery Using Robotic Arm
101 Websites That can Change Your Life Enlisted
Probable Health Monitor Sends SMS of Emergency Alerts and ECG
New Technology Transforming Life for the Deaf
Now, 'virtual' Mouse Brains Available on the Net
FDA Approve S Robotic Device to Help Stroke Patients

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