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Automated Virtual Reality (VR)-based Psychological Therapy may Help Reduce Fear of Heights
Three Major Failings in Some Apps Used for the Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
Training Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Rare Diseases Using Artificial X-rays
World’s Smallest Computer Revealed
New Algorithm VoxelMorph Speeds Up Processing for Analyzing 3D Medical Images
Artificial Intelligence Helps Radio Journalist Regain Voice
Mobile Health Technology can Improve Overall Heart Disease Risk
Artificial Intelligence (AI) may Help Dementia Patients
Key Step to Understand Links Between Disease, Mutant Genetic Material: bpRNA Tool
Support Unpaid Alzheimer’s Caregivers With the New Facebook App
AI Identifies Gut Bacteria for Cholera Risk
ScreenQ: An Efficient, Valid Means to Assess Screen-based Media Use in Children
3-D Printing Can Revolutionize the Way We Eat
Visit: An Indian AI-Powered Health Chatbot
Mobile App to Promote Car Seat Safety for Children
Smart Health: New App to Track Diabetes in Rural India
AI Transforms Smartphone Microscopes Into Lab-Grade Devices
AMA Collaborates With Google for Solutions of Mobile Technology to Monitor Health
HopkinsPD: App to Score Parkinson’s Severity
Machine Learning Helps Predict Impairment After Spinal Injury
Touchscreen Interfaces Made Convenient for Users With Disability
Artificial Intelligence Helps Better Understand Human Brain
Machine Learning May Predict Colitis Causing Bacterial Risk
Twitter India Launches Blood Donation Initiative
Researchers Develop Drones Capable of Reading Human Heart Rate
Microsoft, Apollo Hospitals to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cardiac Diseases
Google Rolls Out ‘Symptom Search’ Feature in India
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Predict Heart Attack Risk
Placenta-on-a-chip to Test Drug Transfer Across the Human Placental Barrier
Future of Skin Electronics

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