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New Smartwatch Helps Track Drug Levels Inside Body in Real-time
Artificial Intelligence Used to Assess Deterioration of Retina in Macular Degeneration
AI for Precision Medicine Spots New Subtype of Autism
VR-based Gaming Boosts Spatial Memory
Google's Exposure Notification Tech Helps Combat COVID-19
Google Searches During Pandemic Revealed
Artificial Intelligence Improves Alzheimer's Diagnosis
Brain–computer Interface can Reduce Phantom Limb Pain
New Website Helps People Identify Their Sensitivity
Mobile App for Plasma Donors, Patients Developed
Nanotechnology Helps Develop First Liquid Retina Prosthesis
New eBloodServices Mobile App Launched to Enable People Have Easy Access to Blood
Voice Analysis in a Smartphone App can Detect Fluid in the Lungs
Thin Adhesive Film Could Upgrade Smartwatch into Biochemical Health Monitoring System
App to Help People Shun Suffering in Silence Developed
Advanced MRI Scans Could Help Treat Essential Tremors, Parkinson's Disease
Algorithm That Analyzes MRI Images may Boost the Development of New Arthritis Therapies
Different Bacteria Found on Cell Phones and Shoes
Biosensor Helps Assess Stress in Healthcare Workers
Multifunctional E-glasses can Monitor Health, Protect Eyes, Control Video Game
Novel Device can Simulate Filtering and Ion Transport Functions of Human Kidney
Electrical Impulses Could Relieve Chronic Pain
Eye Condition Behind Vision Loss Predicted Through AI
Novel Tool Developed can Diagnose, Monitor Autoimmune Disorders
People Should Stop Googling Their Symptoms, Say Researchers
AI can Successfully Identify Different Types of Brain Injuries
New Optical Biosensor System Could Help Round-the-clock Management of Gout
AI Model Classifies Colorectal Polyps
New E-sensors Woven into Fabrics can Track Your Vital Signs Remotely
Sweat-powered Electronic Skin can Monitor Health

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