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Sensing Robot Healthcare for Better Future
Apple Evaluates Vaccine Apps to Safeguard Users
Mobile App Launched in Chandigarh can Assess Carbon Footprints
Improved Use of Databases Could Save Billions of Euro in Health Care Costs: Study
Alexa-Powered Device Helps Babies and Parents Sleep Better
Virtual Reality-Based Mobile App can Treat Fear of Heights
Imaging Technology can Record Mysterious First Moments in Embryo
Artificial Intelligence Predicts Heart Attack Risk
Eye Tracking Technology Improved in VR Systems
Time to Walk - Audio Feature Launching Soon on Apple Fitness+
Over 70% of UK Public Supports Use of Tracking Technology
Say Goodbye to Needles: New Technology Developed For Blood Tests
Good News for Visually Impaired: Facebook can Describe Photos Better for You
Alert: Beware of Fake 'CoWIN' Apps
Artificial Intelligence can Suggest New Ways to Use Existing Medications
Google Glass-like Device Could Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Kidney Failure Patients are Ready and Willing to Use Mobile Health
Patients can Now Seek Health Advice Via 'E-Sanjeevani' App
Bharat Biotech Applies for Vaccine's Emergency Approval Again
High-five or Thumbs-up? Novel Device Identifies Which Hand Gesture You Want to Make
AirDresser Launched by Samsung Claims to Kill 99.9% Bacteria
New Optical Sensor Mimics Human Eye: Study
TELEMEDICON 2020: 16th International Conference of the Telemedicine Society of India
AI Abdominal Fat Measure Forecasts Cardiovascular events
AI Model Uses Retinal Scans to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease
AI Based-Prediction Identifies Which Drug Combinations Kill Cancer Cells
AI Helps Parkinson's Patients During Coronavirus Pandemic
Drug Industry Continues to Bet Big on Artificial intelligence
Machine Learning Helps Identify a Rare Hormone Disorder
AI-tool helps in Early Detection of Opioid Addiction

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