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New Dating App Allows You to Find People Who "Want a Cuddle"
Technology to Help Human Body Heal Itself on the Anvil
Users' Mental Health and Behavior Revealed by New Dartmouth Smartphone App
Smartphone Apps can Help Consistent Monitoring of a Person’s Diet
Google Glass can Help You Determine Real Time Emotions in People
Four-Legged Soft Robot That can Change Shape and Walk Without Tether
Study Explores If YouTube can Save Your Life
New App can Tell If the Tremors are Real or the Patient is Simply Seeking Drugs
'Human-Like Skin' for Aircraft That Will It Help 'Feel' Damage
New ‘Human-Like Skin’ Technology for Airplanes can Help Detect Flying Problems Before They Occur
Here is the App That Prevents Kids from Ignoring Parents' Calls
Baylor Researchers Develop New Computational Method That Makes a Significant New Discovery About Malaria
Technology Boost: Mobile Apps Help Doctors Treat Patients Using Smartphones
Drones can be Powered by New Human Brain-Like Computer Chip
Research Reveals How Touchscreen Technology Helps to Understand Eating Habits
Fitness App Pays You to Start Exercising
Reliable Online Information About MMR Vaccine Most Cost-Effective Way of Increasing Vaccine Uptake
Number of Expectant Mothers Taking to the Net for Pregnancy Advice on the Rise
BAE Systems Says It can Build Small Drones Through 3D Printing by 2040
Widespread Use of New Surgical Innovation Increases Risk for Patients
Smartphone App may Help Improve Quality of Mental Care
German Researchers Develop Computer That Uses Sugar Molecules to Process Information
Agriculture and Health Care in Rural Areas can be Improved by Innovative Technologies
Game can Help Hearing Impaired to Improve Their Ability to Hear in Noisy Environments
Humans Fooled by Computer Pretending to be Teen
Shatterproof Smartphone Screens Take a Step Closer to Reality
Sending SMSes can Double Chances of Smokers Quitting
'Marco Polo' App to Help Find Your Hidden Phone
Keep Track of Your Dog Through GPS
Gauss Surgical's Blood Loss Measurement App Gets FDA Nod

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