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German Electronic Device Helps Paralyzed Patients to Walk Once Again
Scientists Develop Wirelessly Powered Cardiac Device
ICT Should be Used for Better Healthcare: Pitroda
Virtual Reality Helps Amputees Get Used to Prosthetic Arms
Outrage Over iPhone App That can Make Teens Look '9 Months' Pregnant
Subtle Differences in Mutant Worms Detected Via Artificial Intelligence
Flexible “Smart Gloves” can Trick Brain by Stimulating Sense of Touch
Sun Effects Booth App Shows a Futuristic Peek of Sunlight Damage to the Face
Presentation Of Robotic Surgery Outcomes Data At Head And Neck Cancer Annual Meeting
Online Help for Mental Health Issues in Oz
Musical Glove to Help Improve Mobility in Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries
Close My Deal App may Lead to Compromise Among Warring Teens and Parents
IPhone Users can Now Experience Spacecraft Travel Through NASA’s 3D App
New Smartphone That Helps Blind People To Navigate Launched
Motorcycle-Type Helmet to Aid Law Enforcement by Scanning a Person’s Brain for Previous Knowledge
Bad Date Rescue App Provides Option for Bailing Out Midway Through a Date
Cheap Equipment Allows the Disabled to Control Computer Through Eye Movements
German Researchers Develop New App That Protects Mobiles and Tablets from Data Abuse
Robo Legs Mimicking Human Gait Developed by American Researchers
Israeli Researchers Develop Device That Helps the Blind “See” by Converting Images into Music
Cotton T-Shirts may Soon Generate Electric Power
Presenting Robot Twists Mid-Air to Right Itself While Falling
Oxford Mathematician Develops Computer Algorithm to Aid in Parkinson’s Diagnosis
Telehealth Can Help Reduce Mortality, Emergency Hospital Care
Working on Mobile Devices After Office Hours may Compromise Health
Child Robot Learns Rudimentary Language by “Talking” With Humans
Patience Needed for Productivity Gains from Health IT to Get Bigger Health System Changes
NJIT Designer Develops New Chair That Prevents Back Pain for Musicians
Prediction Of Negative Side Effects Of Drugs By Computers
Rhode Island Artist Unveils Last Moment Robot

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