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AI Algorithm to Treat Psychiatric Illness, Stroke
Virtual Reality Reduces Anxiety in Children
Robotic Hand Provides Effective Tactile Control in Amputees
Virtual Reality (VR) Technology Makes MRI a New Experience
New Model Helps Decide About Easing COVID-19 Restrictions
India's First Electronic Covid-19 RNA Home Test Kit Developed by IIT-Hyd
New Sweat-based Device can Produce Power from Your Sweaty Fingertips
Artificial Intelligence Helps in Drug Discovery
Virtual Reality Setting Helps Reduce Pain in Unpleasant Medical Procedure
Artificial Intelligence Helps to Discover New Drugs
Nanotechnology Enables Healthy Current Production in Human Body
App Helps to Assess Severity of Symptoms of Fatigue
Artificial Intelligence Reveals How Young You Look After Facelift Surgery
Machine Learning Predicts Patient's Response to Immunotherapy
New Software Identifies Patients Who may Require Ventilator Support
Artificial Skin Developed can Sense an Injury
Otter App Help Couples Communicate from the Heart
Insights in How AI Improves Fertility Treatment
IIT Bombay Helps Produce Oxygen from Nitrogen Plant
Smart Shirt Helps Track Vital Signs of Astronauts
Device Cameras Help to Measure Pulse, Breathing Rate
Does Virtual Reality Help Reduce Nerve Injuries Pain?
New Sensors can Help Athletes Choose a Better Helmet to Protect The Brain
Online Platforms Help Reduce the Harm of Drug Use
OnePlus Band, the Fitness Tracker Adds Support for Google Fit
Sensing Robot Healthcare for Better Future
Apple Evaluates Vaccine Apps to Safeguard Users
Mobile App Launched in Chandigarh can Assess Carbon Footprints
Improved Use of Databases Could Save Billions of Euro in Health Care Costs: Study
Alexa-Powered Device Helps Babies and Parents Sleep Better

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