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Artificial Intelligence Model can Predict Disease Progression During Aging
AI can Help Doctors Use ICU Beds Better During Covid-19
Talking Gloves Developed for Differently-Abled: IIT, AIIMS Jodhpur
British Man Receives World's First 3D-Printed Eye
Virtual Reality (VR) Treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain
New Robotic Device Improves Health Rehabilitation
Can Telemedicine Replace In-person Consultations?
Flipkart Forays into Healthcare Sector
How to Distinguish Children's Faces from Adults?
Google-owned Fitbit Rolls Out Blood Glucose Tracking Tool In India
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Adds Better Heart Rate Tracking
Alexa-based Programme for Hospitals, Senior Care
New Online Tool Keeps College Campuses Tobacco Free
Artificial Intelligence can Spot Unseen Signs of Heart Failure: Here's How
Apple Watch Series 6 Reliable for Lung Disease Patients
How Social Media Influences Food Choices?
World's First AI Developed to Treat Covid-19 Patients Worldwide
Electronic Nose can Sniff Out When a Lung Transplant is Failing
AI Algorithm to Treat Psychiatric Illness, Stroke
Virtual Reality Reduces Anxiety in Children
Robotic Hand Provides Effective Tactile Control in Amputees
Virtual Reality (VR) Technology Makes MRI a New Experience
New Model Helps Decide About Easing COVID-19 Restrictions
India's First Electronic Covid-19 RNA Home Test Kit Developed by IIT-Hyd
New Sweat-based Device can Produce Power from Your Sweaty Fingertips
Artificial Intelligence Helps in Drug Discovery
Virtual Reality Setting Helps Reduce Pain in Unpleasant Medical Procedure
Artificial Intelligence Helps to Discover New Drugs
Nanotechnology Enables Healthy Current Production in Human Body
App Helps to Assess Severity of Symptoms of Fatigue

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