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Free Gambling and Racing Game Apps are the Biggest Security Risk for Your Smartphones
New Exercise Music App That Plays Songs According to Your Heart Rate During Exercise
An App for Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy
The Internet of Things Will Transform Our Everyday
Shoes Fitted With GPS Trackers can Help Find Lost Alzheimer’s Patients
Mumbaikars can Now Use Healthcare Web Application
Indian Spinal Injuries Center Launches New Website for Spinal Cord Injury Patients
Cell Phones to Track Spread of Malaria
New Smartphone App Helps Fight Skin Cancer
Computerized Approach to Diagnose Osteoporosis may Avoid Subjectivity Associated With Visual Examination
New IPhone App to Detect and Manage Thyroid Disease
IPhone Attachment to Diagnose Ear Infections
Lifesaving Robodoc Functions as Virtual ICU
Mum Saves Life of Daughter After Identifying Meningitis Symptoms Thanks to Smartphone App
LifeLine Response App can Alert Law Enforcement Officials About Date-Rape Creeps
Wave of Hand Set to Make Passwords History: Technology Under Development
3D Blood Vessels can be Printed in Mere Seconds
Korean Researchers Develop New Glasses That Help the Deaf “See” Loud Sounds
German Electronic Device Helps Paralyzed Patients to Walk Once Again
Scientists Develop Wirelessly Powered Cardiac Device
ICT Should be Used for Better Healthcare: Pitroda
Virtual Reality Helps Amputees Get Used to Prosthetic Arms
Outrage Over iPhone App That can Make Teens Look '9 Months' Pregnant
Subtle Differences in Mutant Worms Detected Via Artificial Intelligence
Flexible “Smart Gloves” can Trick Brain by Stimulating Sense of Touch
Sun Effects Booth App Shows a Futuristic Peek of Sunlight Damage to the Face
Presentation Of Robotic Surgery Outcomes Data At Head And Neck Cancer Annual Meeting
Online Help for Mental Health Issues in Oz
Musical Glove to Help Improve Mobility in Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries
Close My Deal App may Lead to Compromise Among Warring Teens and Parents

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