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SuperBetter App Helps Teens Cope With Concussion Symptoms
A Mobile Application for New Parents
Computer Accurately Describes Breast Cancers on Digital Tissue Slides
‘Swasthya Samiksha’ App to Improve Women’s Health Care in India
Website Informations for Cancer Patients may Not Help in Deciding Effective Treatment Option
Irregular Heart Rate Can Be Detected Using The New Smartphone App
Twitter Hashtags Used To Understand Communications About Mental Health
Daddies Can Now Be Ordered Using ‘Order A Daddy’ App
Real-time Study of Smartphone Fertility App Use Launched by Georgetown Institute
Healthcare Providers in India to Spend $1.2 Billion on Information Technology
Managing Health Information Technology a Key to Better Future
Smartphone Data Monitoring can Boost Research into Human Behavior
Now An Easy, Fast and Reliable App to Record Causes of Death
Nanotube Test Delivers Rapid, Sensitive Results to Measure of Freshness
New Mobile App Could Soon Help in Making Childbirth Safer in Ethiopia
Chinese Biotechnological Company Makes World's First 3D Blood Vessel Bio-Printer
Nearly 85% of Anti-Depression Apps Do Not Provide Accurate Data: NHS
Bioengineers Develop New 'Psychic Robot' That can Guess Intentions from Movements
Smartphone App to Help Conduct Concealed Food Safety Observations
New Mobile App to Help Develop Digital Technologies for People With Autism
Color an Elephant in a Book and See It Come Alive on Your Smartphone
New Health App Assists Users With Complete Medical Facilities Online
New App can Predict Your Mood, Thus Helping in Performing Tasks Better
New Mobile App Called 'Memo' to Help Ease Your Office Frustration
Emerging Technologies can be a Threat to an Individual's Privacy, Confidentiality
'Intelligent' Diaper Sends SMS When Soiled to Facilitate Timely Diaper Change
'Health Apps' can Prove to be Beneficial in Improving Your Health and Well-Being
IBM Acquires Medical Imaging Firm for $1 Billon to Help Watson Supercomputer 'See'
IIT-Madras Team Has Developed Algorithms to Help Detect Multiple Sclerosis
Xerox Corporation to Revamp Healthcare IT Business, Records Related Impairment Charge

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