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Rapid Detection of Mutated Strains Via Virus 'Barcodes'
Online Crowd Sourcing Game Allows Public to Aid in Malaria Diagnosis
Japanese Designer Invents Robot That Converts Voice into Heartbeat Pulse
Menopause Map: A Tool to Help Women Navigate Through a Difficult Phase
Ultra-Accurate and Ultra-Compact Makeover for Laser Scalpels
Video Games Provide Cognitive Stimulation in Adults
Mind-controlled Robot for Paraplegics Unveiled
Fast and Accurate Diagnosis of Malaria Possible With New Optical Imaging System
Marriages can be Saved by New Glow-in-Dark Nook With Built-In Light
'Dream' App Created by Scientists
Emerging Malaria Drug Resistance to be Investigated by Gene Chip
Nicotine Addiction Explored Using Mobile Technology
China School Looks to Replace Books With IPads
Gaming Goggles may Help Treat Lazy Eye
Zombie-Themed App to Help Joggers Run More Launched
Software to Estimate Heart Disease Risk
Smartphones Can Aid To Assess And Treat Schizophrenia
PDA Helps Overweight, Obese To Stick To Diet, Exercise
Medical Symptoms Presented Online Influence Healthcare Choices: Study
Your Breath can Help Charge Your Mobile Phone
Bluetooth-Enabled Medical Monitoring Device Developed
Safety of Leftover Food Detected by Phone Scanner
Vision Disorder can be Diagnosed by Nintendo Wii Game Controllers
3D Avatars of Patients to Test Potential Treatments
New Software to Detect ICD Malfunctions
Web-Based Program to Treat Chronic Fatigue Among Teens
Adherence to Osteoporosis Medication Regimen Not Improved by Use of Telephone Intervention
Long-Distance Couples can Send Out Good Vibrations Via Steamy App
New Therapeutic Tools for Physical and Mental Health: Health Games
Computer Model To Design Better Nasal Sprays Developed

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