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UNEP Says IT Waste a 'Major Challenge' to Human Health
GenX Remote Controls for Robotic Teachers
Home Monitoring With Web-based Care Key to Hypertension Control: Study
PC User Population Crosses 1bln Mark Across the Globe
Virtual Doctor Visits Could Prove a Boon to US Patients
ASEAN Launches New Information Site on Infectious Diseases
Despite Ban, Teen Drivers Using Cellphone Continues to Increase
Beating-Heart Surgical Procedures may Be Enhanced by Video Game Technologies
India Commissions Study on Health Impact of Mobile Phones
Do You Wish to Know What People Think About You? Visit
Health and Safety Tips Through SMS for Prostitutes in Scotland
Risks of Long-term Mobile Phone Use Studied
70 Arrested in Child Porn Crackdown Down Under
Sharing Medical Information on Google Health 'a Risk to Privacy'warn Experts
Aussie High-speed Broadband Network Could Be Misused for Cyber Bullying
Internet Fantasy Explodes into Schools
Now, a Computer can Figure Out What You're Thinking!
Now, Interactive Games as a Springboard to Better Health!
Creative Citizen : a Key Website to Compile World's Environmental Information
Virtual Medical Care Could Save Patient Time, Nursing Resources
Video Games Credited With Improving Corporate Decision-making
'Immune Attack' Video Game Helps People Get Familiar With Immune System
Bionic Eye Implants Coming Soon
Google Unveils Online Medical Records Service for US Patients
Hair Transplant Using Robots
New Antennae Could Spur Revolution in Healthcare
Three Quarters of Brit Adults Hooked to Internet Sex!
Telehealth Interaction Significantly Reduces Need for Hospitalization
Wireless Technology Will Offer New Applications for Better Health
A Cure for HIV Through Computer Games

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