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'Nanogenerator' Uses Heartbeats to Power Implant
Cost-effective Computer Programs can Detect Early Eye Problems Related to Diabetes
Bionic Hand Unveiled by British Scientists
Robots In Rescue Missions Just Got Smarter
New Software Makes It Possible to Predict Emotions Over the Telephone
Study Says Coffee Ring may Help Biosensors Detect Disease
WHO Launches Online Guide to Cut Snake Bite Deaths
Online Remedy for Stuttering in the Offing
When Treating Lung Cancer With Radiotherapy, 4-D Software Helps Adjust for Breathing
Measure Your Physical Activity Levels With New Cellphone Program
Bionic Hand Comes Closer to Reality
The Intelligent Computer Approaches Reality
New IPhone App To Show You Your Post-Boob Job Makeover
Computational Method to Uncover Gene Regulation Developed
Health Tips Given to 3D Viewers Thanks to Japanese Group
World's Smallest, Lightest Telemedicine Microscope Invented
Machine Intelligence that Warns Driver of an Impending Accident, in the Making
IPad can Help Disabled People to Communicate
IPhone App That Helps Autistic Kids to Communicate Created
Experts Propose Use of Twitter As Warning System for Epidemics
E-records Not Enough To Improve Health Quality Or Reduce Costs
Now, IPhone App to Screen Food Allergies
Now, Wireless Health Care for Diabetes
Tiny Microchip and Digestible Antenna in Pill That Signals It Has Been Swallowed
Biochemical Sensor Way To Draw Blood Painlessly
Therapy Through Teleconference Found to be Equally Effective
Super Sensitive Sensor may Improve Prosthetic Limbs, Cars and Missiles
Robot Being Used for Medical Staff Training Suffers from Illnesses, Bleeds Like Humans
Hand Function in Teens With Cerebral Palsy Improved by PlayStation-Based System
Medics Guided Through Heart Attack Treatment Through an IPhone App

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