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Biosensor Helps Assess Stress in Healthcare Workers
Multifunctional E-glasses can Monitor Health, Protect Eyes, Control Video Game
Novel Device can Simulate Filtering and Ion Transport Functions of Human Kidney
Electrical Impulses Could Relieve Chronic Pain
Eye Condition Behind Vision Loss Predicted Through AI
Novel Tool Developed can Diagnose, Monitor Autoimmune Disorders
People Should Stop Googling Their Symptoms, Say Researchers
AI can Successfully Identify Different Types of Brain Injuries
New Optical Biosensor System Could Help Round-the-clock Management of Gout
AI Model Classifies Colorectal Polyps
New E-sensors Woven into Fabrics can Track Your Vital Signs Remotely
Sweat-powered Electronic Skin can Monitor Health
Artificial Intelligence Could Become the Future of Mass Testing
Zoom Video Conferencing App, Warns Govt
How Do People Develop Trust in AI?
Mindfulness App may Help Treat Anxiety, Burnout in Physicians
Artificial Intelligence can Now Diagnose 134 Skin Diseases
Artificial Intelligence to Define Very Young Brains
New Mobile App can Help Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain
AI may Spot Newborns at Risk for Most Severe Form of Blinding Disease
Use of Robotics for Neuroendovascular Procedures
Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Treatment of Sleep Disorders
New App Helps Determine Risk of Preterm Birth
Virtual Reality can Help Physiotherapy Patients Perform Exercises at Home
Video Game-based Intervention More Likely to Improve Attention of Children with ADHD
Artificial Intelligence to Improve EKG Testing for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
By 2025, 50% of All Surgeries Will be Robot Assisted
DIY Tools TalkBox & SenseBox may Help People with Disabilities to Communicate
Smartphone Apps Not Accurate Enough to Spot All Skin Cancers, Say Researchers
New Hydrogel Platform Enables Production of Medicines, Chemicals

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