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IPhones To Double Up As Imaging Devices
Heart Attack Victims Can be Saved Using Computer Science
Real-Time Face Swapping Technology Now Here
'Robot Legs' That Help Improve Movement in Stroke Patients Developed
Robotic Glove Shows Promising Results
Wireless Network To Reduce Traffic Congestion And Air Pollution
Virtual Stroke Care Appears Cost-Effective for Rural Stroke Patients
Brain Computer Interface: Boon To Victims Of Brain Disorder
Doctors to be Assisted by IBM's Watson
Foreign-Language Food Menus Translated into English by New Phone App
IPad Test for Alzheimer's Disease
Researchers Use Computer-aided Design for Accurate Breast Tissue Reconstruction
Fiber Optics To Gauge Muscular Contraction Deep Inside Colon
Adult Stroke Patients May Recover Faster Using Virtual Reality
Keyboards May Soon Be History With Invention of Brain-Interpreting Devices
IPads to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries
App That Inspires You to Become a Better Runner Available Now
Microchip Sensor To Replace Scanning
Filmmaker Who Made 'Cyborg' Turns His Prosthetic Eye into Video Camera
Communication During Emergencies Using Antennas Stitched into Your Clothes
Detecting Cancer Through Hand-Held Device
Algorithm to Improve Electrocardiography Developed
Artificial Intelligence Gets A Boost By Watching Football!
World's Fastest Robot
New Uses for Drugs Via Data 'Matchmaker'
New Technology may Help Doctors “Feel” Tumors During Keyhole Surgeries
New Software to Detect Dangerous Crowd
Electronic Patch To Monitor Nerve And Muscle Activity
Stroke Patients to be Helped by Rehab Robots
IT Tool To Manage Surgical Theatres

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