News on IT in Healthcare & Telehealth - Archives
New Computer Software Helps to Spot Family Cancer Risk
A Computer Assisted ENT Surgery in Southern India
Computers to Support Child Safety Programs
Magnetic Resonance CAD Accurately Diagnose Fibrosis in the Liver
New Software for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment Against Prostate Cancer
Be Your Own Doctor
A Miracle Machine That Can Interpret Your Heart Beat
UK Hospital Performs Heart Surgery Using Robotic Arm
101 Websites That can Change Your Life Enlisted
Probable Health Monitor Sends SMS of Emergency Alerts and ECG
New Technology Transforming Life for the Deaf
Now, 'virtual' Mouse Brains Available on the Net
FDA Approve S Robotic Device to Help Stroke Patients
Battle Between Google and Microsoft Could Trigger Revolution in Healthcare
An Electronic Shirt That Monitors Your Heartís Health
Benefits From the Use of the Internet in Healthcare Applications Highlighted
Kalam Urges for Using Tele-radiology to Help Rural Poor
Computer Power to Give Spice Girls' Weak Voices a Boost!
Computerized Doctorís Order Reduce Prescription Errors
Physical Activity can Be Increased by a Motivating Mail
Roshan Announces Launch of Afghanistan's First Telemedicine Project
Hot Tips for Keeping Your PC Cool in Summer
Website Offers to Help Women Raise Money for Breast Enhancement
You Need Blood? Just Click the Mouse!
Researchers Have Developed Computerized Garment to Diagnose Mental Illness
Scientists Developing 'intelligent Clothes' to Monitor Wearer's Health
Radical Idea of Implanting Tiny Electrodes to the Deaf
India to Propose Global Fund for Clean Energy Technologies
NASA Technology Helps Detect and Treat Heart Disease and Strokes
Second CyberKnife(R) System to Meet Growing Demand for Radiosurgery

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