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Shatterproof Smartphone Screens Take a Step Closer to Reality
Sending SMSes can Double Chances of Smokers Quitting
'Marco Polo' App to Help Find Your Hidden Phone
Keep Track of Your Dog Through GPS
Gauss Surgical's Blood Loss Measurement App Gets FDA Nod
Technology can Help Teens With Chronic Disease Better Manage Their Healthcare Needs into Adulthood
New App can Help Put You to Sleep
3D Liver-Like Device to Detoxify the Blood Developed
Kids can Learn About How Much 'Screen Time' is too Much Via New App
Here's How Smartphones can Aid Your Fight Against the Flab
Wikipedia can Help Track Flu Levels
New Automated Computer System can Analyze Brain Scans
Wearable Electronic Devices may Operate on Thermoelectric Generator on Glass Fabric
Mobile Phones With Tobacco Screening Guidelines can Improve Cessation Counseling
US Researchers Develop Humanoid Robot That can Walk Through Fire Without Hesitation
Deaf People can Make Phone Calls Using New App
New Dreaming App Promises Restful Night’s Sleep
New App Lets You Donate Voice
App to Help Track Your Health and Fitness on the Anvil
Google Glass Finding Favor With Many Doctors
New Smartphone App can be Used to Grow Marijuana
New Dating App for Lesbians
Benefits of Virtual Computer Environment in Distance Education Demonstrated
3D Printing Technology can Help Paralyzed People Walk Once Again
Tiny Chip can Help Clear Arteries Without Need for Major Surgery
New App can Help Detect Epileptic Seizures
Teledermatology App System Prioritizes Inpatient Consults
Tackle Procrastination With These Apps
Keep in Touch With Friends on Social Media With Ringblingz
Technology may Help Ensure You Have a Good Night's Sleep

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