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Your Breath can Help Charge Your Mobile Phone
Bluetooth-Enabled Medical Monitoring Device Developed
Safety of Leftover Food Detected by Phone Scanner
Vision Disorder can be Diagnosed by Nintendo Wii Game Controllers
3D Avatars of Patients to Test Potential Treatments
New Software to Detect ICD Malfunctions
Web-Based Program to Treat Chronic Fatigue Among Teens
Adherence to Osteoporosis Medication Regimen Not Improved by Use of Telephone Intervention
Long-Distance Couples can Send Out Good Vibrations Via Steamy App
New Therapeutic Tools for Physical and Mental Health: Health Games
Computer Model To Design Better Nasal Sprays Developed
Online Answers to Mental Health
New App Helps Bladder Patients To Choose Right Foods
Web-Based Applications to Help People Overcome Depression
3D Panorama With Virtual Reality Contact Lenses
Online Test to Educate Asthma Patients on Prevention of Serious Attacks
Device Reading 'Code of Life' In Hours Impresses Davos
Electronic Chips to Replace Faulty Parts of Living Brains
Usefulness of Software for Analyzing Digital Pathology Images Highlighted
Some Cognitive Functions can be Improved by Brain Training Computer Game
Step Up Protection Against Termites – ‘Hear Them WiSPr!’
3-D World of Vision in Mice Mapped With New Tools
Acquiring EAE/ASE 3D Echocardiography Image Referenced
Phones and Tablets All Set to Identify Users by Sight and Touch
Fitness Centre App
Virtual World to Treat Sick Children
CAD Pitches in for RNA
PCs and Phones Geared by Mind Step Next to Reality
Mobile App for Women in Danger
Even Limited Telemedicine Can Improve Healthcare in Developing Countries

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