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AMA Collaborates With Google for Solutions of Mobile Technology to Monitor Health
HopkinsPD: App to Score Parkinson’s Severity
Machine Learning Helps Predict Impairment After Spinal Injury
Touchscreen Interfaces Made Convenient for Users With Disability
Artificial Intelligence Helps Better Understand Human Brain
Machine Learning May Predict Colitis Causing Bacterial Risk
Twitter India Launches Blood Donation Initiative
Researchers Develop Drones Capable of Reading Human Heart Rate
Microsoft, Apollo Hospitals to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cardiac Diseases
Google Rolls Out ‘Symptom Search’ Feature in India
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Predict Heart Attack Risk
Placenta-on-a-chip to Test Drug Transfer Across the Human Placental Barrier
Future of Skin Electronics
Oracle's New Cloud-based eClinical Solution to Ease Drug Development
Augmented Reality (AR) Headset Helps Surgeons See Through Tissue
Microsoft Patent Highlights Mind Control For Apps
Blockchain-Based Technology to Reduce Inefficiencies in Medical Care
Sleep Apps can Help Detect Diseases Related to Sleep Problems
SuperBetter App Helps Teens Cope With Concussion Symptoms
A Mobile Application for New Parents
Computer Accurately Describes Breast Cancers on Digital Tissue Slides
‘Swasthya Samiksha’ App to Improve Women’s Health Care in India
Website Informations for Cancer Patients may Not Help in Deciding Effective Treatment Option
Irregular Heart Rate Can Be Detected Using The New Smartphone App
Twitter Hashtags Used To Understand Communications About Mental Health
Daddies Can Now Be Ordered Using ‘Order A Daddy’ App
Real-time Study of Smartphone Fertility App Use Launched by Georgetown Institute
Healthcare Providers in India to Spend $1.2 Billion on Information Technology
Managing Health Information Technology a Key to Better Future
Smartphone Data Monitoring can Boost Research into Human Behavior

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