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Box That Watches You Watch TV Being Developed by Intel
Ancient Roman Cup the Inspiration Behind The World's Most Sensitive Plasmon Resonance Sensor
Microsoft Kinect can Save US Healthcare $30 Billion
Pet Dogs in Britain to be Fitted With Microchips by 2016
Mobile Phones can Now Screen Water for Mercury Contamination
Older Readers Require Less Effort in Reading from E-Devices
Study Finds Telephone Physiotherapy can Cut Down Waiting Times
Bihar’s Prisoners to Get Their Own Multi-Purpose Smart Card
‘Safe Sexting’ Apps Riddled With Security Flaws
Ukrainian University Students Develop Robot That can Make Your Bed
“Remote Presence” Technologies may Help Experts Program Brain and Spine Stimulators
Headphones That can be Worn Like Headband to Help Us Sleep Soundly
IPotty to Train Toddlers
Focus at Tech Show: Digital Health Movement
Vomiting Larry may Help Brit Researchers Understand Norovirus in a Better Manner
Mobile Social Applications can Help Reduce Road Accidents
Indian Scientist Predicts Computers Will Bypass Lab Experiments in Predicting Material Properties
Humanoid Robot That Helps in Everyday Chores to be a Reality in Nine Months
Female Avatars in the Virtual World Expose More Skin Compared to Males
New App Alerts Family and Friends in Case of Danger
New Smartphone App to Curb Spread of STDs
Bionic Suit may Help Paralyzed Patients
IBM Predicts Computers to Come With Five Senses by 2018
Telestroke Networks Boost Patients’ Recovery Chances and Hospital Income
New Online Service to Utilize Skype for Appointments With GPs
Now, Robotic Prosthetic Arm Controlled by the Mind
New App can Help Detect Allergens
Mobile Phone Apps can Help in Attaining Weight Loss Goals
Smartphones can Double Up as Medical Labs
Web-based Method Prevents Depression In People With Epilepsy

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