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Humanoid Robot That Helps in Everyday Chores to be a Reality in Nine Months
Female Avatars in the Virtual World Expose More Skin Compared to Males
New App Alerts Family and Friends in Case of Danger
New Smartphone App to Curb Spread of STDs
Bionic Suit may Help Paralyzed Patients
IBM Predicts Computers to Come With Five Senses by 2018
Telestroke Networks Boost Patientsí Recovery Chances and Hospital Income
New Online Service to Utilize Skype for Appointments With GPs
Now, Robotic Prosthetic Arm Controlled by the Mind
New App can Help Detect Allergens
Mobile Phone Apps can Help in Attaining Weight Loss Goals
Smartphones can Double Up as Medical Labs
Web-based Method Prevents Depression In People With Epilepsy
Ability of Eyes to Switch from Sunshine to Shadow Matched by Mobiles and Tablets
Researchers Develop Electrically Spun Fabric That Offers Dual Defense Against Pregnancy and HIV
Car Key System Enables Parents to Restrict Speed Limit of Kids
IPhone's Snapchat App Promoting 'Sexting' Among Teenagers?
Perfect-Fitting Clothes Via Virtual Tape
Total Knee Replacement Via Computer Navigation
'Nanny App' Offers New Mums Immediate Expert Parenting Advice
Home Alone Dogs are Never Lonely Thanks to Mobile Device
Two-thirds of Primary Care Doctors in US Are Using Electronic Medical Records
Redesigned Jawbone 'UP' Fitness Wristbands Tailored to Achieve Fitness Goals
An App for Finding Wingman to Woo Girls
Researchers Recreate Pulmonary Edema in Microchips
Free Gambling and Racing Game Apps are the Biggest Security Risk for Your Smartphones
New Exercise Music App That Plays Songs According to Your Heart Rate During Exercise
An App for Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy
The Internet of Things Will Transform Our Everyday
Shoes Fitted With GPS Trackers can Help Find Lost Alzheimerís Patients

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